Why You Should Hire an Asphalt Maintenance Service


An asphalt maintenance service will come in handy if you have potholes in your driveway, parking lot, or roadway. Regardless of how severe they are, a few simple repairs will help prevent further damage. Temporary repairs are also a good idea because they minimize your liability. One popular solution is a surface patch, which applies a hot mix of asphalt directly to the damaged area. While this temporary solution is relatively inexpensive, it will not have a long life.
Preventative asphalt patching services will keep your asphalt in good shape by preventing smaller cracks from growing into bigger ones. Regular checks will prevent major problems and save you money in the long run. And a good asphalt maintenance service will stand behind its work. This way, you can rest assured that your pavement is in good hands. If you do have any questions, don't hesitate to contact a professional asphalt maintenance service today! They will be happy to help you out.
Cracked pavement is a serious threat to the structure of your pavement. There are several causes of cracked asphalt, but the good news is that there are solutions that are more affordable than ever before. Poor installation, poor drainage, and a thin base are all common causes. Full-depth patching fixes both the surface and underlying structural weakness. In many cases, a patching service can be your best option. If you are unsure of which asphalt patching method will be best for your specific situation, a professional asphalt maintenance service will be able to provide a recommendation for the best one.
Sealcoating is another important investment that should be done regularly. Depending on the area, the utility, and the type of asphalt, this process may be necessary every few years. But, in case you live in a high-traffic area or are exposed to harsh weather, sealcoating is the best option. It prevents severe damage to the asphalt and preserves its lifespan. So, while you may be spending money on sealcoating, consider hiring a professional asphalt maintenance service to keep it in good condition.
Sealcoating is an excellent way to protect your driveway and other pavement surfaces. This protective layer keeps water out and protects the surface from sand and dirt. It is important to get sealcoating done within a year after installation, but it is not too late. Ideally, you should have your parking lot sealed every three to five years, but this can be more costly if you have high traffic. A professional asphalt highway paving service can also recommend the best time of year to apply sealcoat.
A comprehensive asphalt maintenance service can help you avoid costly repairs and prevent the onset of potholes and other issues. Without regular asphalt maintenance, the surface will oxidize. Without protection, the binder that holds the asphalt together will break down and cause the surface to crack and become soft. Without proper maintenance, the oxidized pavement will become cracked and brittle. It will look gray, but the new asphalt will be dark black. A full-service asphalt maintenance service can handle all of these issues and more.

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